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The EMT is so blessed and started by Pastor Shaik Madar, according to the will of God, we the united and faith based independent workers are affording our hard labour in administering the ministry. We are doing house visiting and Bible study, street preaching, Bible seminars, youth evangelism, Gospel Crusades, healing and fasting prayers and counseling the souls with the Word of God.


These entire evangelical and charitable services are faith based and rendering by the will of God. Our congregations believers are belong to uttermost poverty and whose load is heavy to carry. By the Grace of God, you are having the good evangelical possibilities. Due to lack of support from any ministry, we are unable to extend our evangelical service but faithfully praying to God to rise up His people to support and share the local Gospel burden to His Glory. In our evangelical experience one person to another person, one group to another group and one village to another village, we are identifying the neglected old-aged people and poor and parentless orphans, who are depended on us. In our poor living conditions we could not do justice to them but sincerely praying to God to show them the loving helping and praying hands. Kindly do your valuable prayers for our ministerial needs at EMT which is part of His Holy Body.


I and our team prayerfully requesting you to support and encourage our independent services of God.


Kindly consider our humble request by sharing of our Gospel services. We are also requesting to visit our group of congregations to find about our hard labor, for Christ Gospel. Your valuable partnership, spiritual encouragement and practical support would be meaning a lot of help to us in extending the Kingdom of God, in these last days. We pray and believe that Lord may move your soul to support our Ministries.


People from all denominations and even non-Christians attended and received the Blessing from God.


We believe that Bible is the Word of God and is true and active and never changes. So we stand on the Word of God.


Jesus is the son of the Almighty God, came to this world in flesh and on the cross shed His precious blood and He took our sins, sickness, poverty and shame so that we can be made righteous, can be healed and blessed.


During these years the ministry was instrumental for the salvation, deliverance and healing of thousands of people in India. We give all the glory to Jesus.


If you are blessed by God, and you want to be a blessing to others you are welcome to be a partner by your fervent prayers and financial participation in our projects.

God is not a debtor. Surely you will receive hundredfold blessings.




Esther Ministries Trust is a Christian Voluntary Organization stands for

- Evangelism,

- Social Service,

- Teamwork,

- Humanity,

- Empowerment &

- Redemption




- Mission for

- Innovation,

- National

- Inspiration,

- Science &

- Technology,

- Rural

- Integration &

- Enriching

- Society.




- Theological,
- Researchable,

- Universal &

- Sustainable

- Trust




Esther Ministries Trust is registered under Indian Trust Act 1882, Government of Andhra Pradesh. Registered No: 3/BK IV/2009.





  • To be filled by the love and compassion of Lord Jesus Christ and to bring thousands of people to eternal salvation by confirming the Word with signs and wonders and miracles.
  • To train to lead a life as per the Word of God and to have a close walk with God resulting to a blessed and victorious life.
  • To understand the Word of God and to interpret the deeper truths in the Word by the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
  • To worship the Lord in truth and spirit.





The objectives for which the Trust is founded are:

  • To establish churches in the unreached villages & towns.
  • To encourage and conduct Fasting Prayer basing on the philosophy of “Prayer leads World”
  • To provide food, accommodation, education and caring for poor and orphan children through sponsorship.
  • To care widows and aged people, helping them financially.
  • To support and care pastors by giving them musical instruments, bicycles, monthly financial support to win souls for Christ.
  • To conduct crusades and pastors conferences in different areas.
  • To set up Bible Training Institutes or colleges.
  • To conduct pastors seminars, conferences, training to untrained pastors.
  • To undertake outreach ministries, children ministry, women ministry, cottage prayer meetings, street prayer meetings, gospel crusades and other social service activities at grassroot level to carry the gospel to unreached people, groups and villages. And to constitute 24 hours Prayer Cells and conduct Fasting Prayers.
  • To set up Christian lending library open for all and to circulate Telugu & English Audio & Video cassettes/CDs and Christian literature.


  Name Designation
Pastor. Shaik Madar

Founder & Managing Trustee

Ch Raju
MBA (Ph.D)


P. Veera Swamy

TVS. Prasad


Pastor. Shaik John Babu


Religious Projects

Esther Ministries Religious Projects List

  • Faster Prayer Ministry
  • Bible Training Center
  • Church Planting & Gospel Outreach
  • Church Building Construction
  • Pastors Welfare & Support
  • Children & Youth Ministry
  • Women Ministry
  • Scholarships
  • Bible Research & Literature Development
  • Audio Visual & Music



Social Projects

Esther Ministries Social Projects List

  • Medical & Health Projects
  • Education & Career Development
  • Water Supply & Sanitation
  • Income Generation
  • Skill Development
  • Small Scale Industries
  • Eco-Friendly Waste Management
  • Environment Enhancement
  • Agriculture Development
  • Science & Technology






Meet Pastor Shaik Madar


"I have been ministering Gospel service and worship of Lord for several years. I was greatly insisted to serve for the human kind with the same inspiration. I was called by His grace to do something for the welfare of the little kids and orphans while we go on with Gospel out reach service in different rural villages."